We are a national brand committed to being vested in the success of each and every community we serve.

KVVU Channel 5, Las Vegas

Check out this amazing video of our AF Ambassadors going ALL IN to help revitalize Cashman Middle School, a 50-year-old school in Las Vegas, prior to our annual convention.

KSNV Channel 3, Las Vegas

“This is what it’s all about! Giving back into a Title 1 school with a beautification project. What an excellent way for Appreciation Financial to start our convention Sunday. Our Reno team was there to help spread the love!”
-Tanya Samudio, Appreciation Financial Agent

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DSTV, Dallas

Ashley Patterson pulled together agents from all over Texas to assist in the creation of two large murals located in the school’s cafeteria and front entryway. Volunteers also helped to plant new flowers along the front of the school, install new blinds in the library, repaint outdoor play areas, and more. NLG’s Senior VP Louis Puglisi and West Coast VP Mike Duncan even rolled up their sleeves and helped paint and plant flowers. The Dallas Independent School District’s Chief of Schools Stephanie Elizalde spoke during the event right before Ashley presented the school’s principal with a surprise $2,000 scholarship plus an additional $500 that she donated to help a school staff member in need.

WOIO, Cleveland

This is no trick, students are in for a real treat when they return to school on Monday as more than 40 volunteers gathered at the campus of Citizens Academy on Saturday to give the school a mid-year makeover. The school is housed in a 1960s building that sat vacant for a decade. Original, bullet-hole-torn window coverings were replaced, the playground was repainted, and a local artist lead volunteers in creating a large mural. The 15-foot-by-15-foot mural will incorporate the school’s seven virtues and the Cleveland skyline. Volunteers will utilize a paint-by-numbers system, designed by local artist Nicolette Capuano, to fill in an outline that the artist creates.

KHOU, Houston

Eighty of Houston’s top financial services professionals arrived at Houston Academy for International Studies Saturday where dozens of buckets of paint, planks of wood, and shovels will awaited them to transform the recently vandalized campus into a warm, inviting, campus the high school students can be proud of.

The volunteers repainted several areas of the campus. They also built garden boxes that now stand ready to energize the school’s gardening club. The makeover was topped off with a transformation of the schools plain cafeteria and multipurpose room into a colorful, space highlighting the urban contemporary feel of the school’s location and flags from around the world.

AZ Central, Phoenix

Nevada based company Appreciation Financial lended more than 100 hands to P.T. Coe elementary to help with painting and remodeling on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. Video by Thomas Hawthorne. Thomas Hawthorne/The Republic


Dozens of our agents throughout Texas acted as Santa’s elves and helped to makeover the deserving Martin Middle School in Austin, Texas. Campus volunteers including staff and students also rolled up their sleeves to assist in the creation of four colorful indoor murals, building of picnic tables, planting of flowers, power washing of front entryway, and more.