Terry Kennedy of Appreciation Financial: “Always find the win-win ideas and both solutions and success will follow”

The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. But sometimes disruptions can be times of opportunity. Many people’s livelihoods have been hurt by the pandemic. But some saw this as an opportune time to take their lives in a new direction.

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Meet Terry Kennedy, Founder of Appreciation Financial

Terry Kennedy is the founder, president, and active CEO of Appreciation Financial, a full-service financial services company working in the public employee retirement niche.  Kennedy is a visionary who has overcome odds, trusted his path, and has disrupted an entire industry. Kennedy has an internal drive for success through providing opportunities and helping others.

Terry Kennedy of Appreciation Financial: The Power of Flexibility; How I Was Able To Pivot To A New Exciting Opportunity Because Of The Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. But sometimes disruptions can be times of opportunity. Many people’s livelihoods have been hurt by the pandemic. But some saw this as an opportune time to take their lives in a new direction.

C-SUITE: Terry Kennedy, Appreciation Financial

Terry Kennedy is a longtime Las Vegas native and the president and CEO of Appreciation Financial. Kennedy received the 2019 Gold American Business Awards Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year-Financial Services and was a 2019 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year finalist for the Greater Los Angeles region.

Terry Kennedy of Appreciation Financial

Appreciation Financial was founded in January of 2009 and has quickly become the national leader in retirement and financial planning for teachers and public servants. They have offices in 26 cities with the hub of the company located right here in Las Vegas.

Helping Children Prepare for a Healthy Financial Future

Teaching your child early to be responsible with money can pay off the rest of their life. It only takes a moment to realize the benefits of nurturing financial literacy in a young person. Think about it.

Prepare Your Clients to Retire Early With This Checklist

To millions of Americans, retiring early is the lifestyle Holy Grail. But many who attempt early retirement find the financial burden too tough, and by then it might be too late. Money managers like to think that’s where good planning enters the picture – along with a good financial planner.

How to Conduct a Summer Financial “Tune-up”

Summer’s here and the time is right for … financial planning? That’s right. For educators who are busy during the school year, there may not be another opportunity to do so. And before you know it you’ll be back in the classroom. So in between days at the beach and nights at a ballpark, you should consider taking the following steps to ensure you’re on the right track with budgeting, spending and investing.

Face to Face: Movers & Shakers

“Success happens after a long pattern of hard work and laying a foundation – you must have patience.”

7 Bad Money Habits That Lead to Bad Credit

If you want a healthy credit score, you need to save more, spend less, and be patient. Having bad credit can sometimes feel like a curse, like it’s something entirely beyond your control, something that’s utterly impossible to fix. But even though it can feel that way. We all know that’s not the case.

Should You Get Life Insurance?

Insurance is based on planning for the unexpected. Planning for death could seem a bit morbid, however life insurance can take care of medical costs to funeral costs. Lisa Ryerson, Regional Vice President of Appreciation Financial, shares why life insurance is beneficial in the long run.

10 Financial Planning Questions Answered

Questions on debt, investing, saving and your portfolio answered by an expert. How much should I really be saving? Can I just let my debt sit? Or should I just wait to work on finances until I think about purchasing real estate? Krista Neeley, the Regional Vice President of Appreciation Financial, answers questions you may have wondered about personal finances.

When Do You Start Figuring Out Retirement?

The answer is yesterday. You just started a job or graduated college. Retirement can seem like a very long way from where you are in life. But life can move fast and thinking ahead puts you in the driver’s seat. Ask yourself three questions: Where do you want to be in 40 years? What type of lifestyle do you want? How much is that going to cost you?

11 Smart Tips on Retiring Early, from People Who Figured Out How

Imagine retiring early by the time you’re 45-or within the next five years. We talked to people who did, and here’s what we’ve learned. First you gotta ask yourself: is this what you really want?

15 Money Management Tips Every Recent Grad Should Memorize

Virtually every money manager agrees: Don’t wait another moment to start thinking about your finances. “It’s never too soon for young people to start thinking about managing their finances-no matter how difficult that is to contemplate when they’ve just graduated,” says Krista Neeley, a regional vice president of Appreciation Financial a financial services company.

Oriole Elementary Gets Mural and More in Makeover

The 50-year-old school’s revamp was part of a community service project by insurer Appreciation Financial. “We do quite a few school makeovers throughout the nation,” said Eric Creekmore, regional vice president. “This year, we were focused on community involvement and appreciating schools that do a lot for their community.”

The Cost of Turnover

When a business loses an employee, the effects on profitability and morale can be profound. Having to replace employees isn’t just a pain, it’s a major expense – but one that savvy executives can avoid.

Hitting Your Net Worth Checkpoints

How much money should you have saved for emergencies by your 30s? How many dollars should be in your retirement savings accounts by the time you celebrate your 50th birthday? And how early should you start socking away money for your children’s college education?

How to Teach Kids the Importance of Saving Money

Talking about money at any age can be a drag; sitting down and reviewing just how much money you spend on groceries every month isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a fun night. But, having a realistic overview of your finances can help reduce stress and other harmful health conditions in the long run according to the American Psychological Association.

How to Financially Plan for Death

No one likes to think about their death or the death of a loved one, but that type of thinking can leave those left behind in some pretty dire financial straights. Death might be one of the worst parts of life. Beyond the terrible hole left by the departed, there can be enormous costs as well.

The 9 Top Retirement Strategies That You Need To Know For 2018

Having a solid retirement strategy is one of the most proactive measures that you can take to ensure you live a life of financial abundance during your retirement years. Although there are many strategies that you can implement to achieve these goals, sometimes the best strategy is learning from others in order to make their strengths into your own.

8 Ways To Save Money Today, Tomorrow and Every Day After

Making a budget, automating your savings, and choosing a night in over an expensive evening out are all great ways to save. One of the main reasons that so many people fall prey to predatory no credit check loans is because they don’t have any money in savings.

What to Tell High Schoolers About Money

I am always interested in good ways to advise my soon-to-bee graduated seniors regarding building wealth at a young age; considering most of them will struggle to simply pay their bills and to live in Denver because of our current insane growth in the housing market.

When Should I Start Investing?

Many people hear words like “portfolio” or “investing” and feel a sense of bewildered panic. These words sound like they belong in the mouths of wealthy, middle-aged people sipping champagne as they track the stock market. But is the idea of investing and sound financial management really that complicated or unattainable for most?

Logan Marcus – Appreciation Financial: Looking before you leap (in-house)

By the start of 2015, after a full month of 12-hour day grinds and no days off, of sweat-inducing calls and enough motions and summary judgments to anchor an aircraft carrier, all Logan Marcus wanted was to sit on the beach and read a book-any book.

10 people reveal how much they have in savings, and how they got there

How much people have in their savings accounts varies drastically from person to person. Saving money every month is crucial to reaching important financial milestones and protecting yourself from an unexpected job loss or other emergencies.

10 People Reveal How Much They Have in Savings – and How They Got There

Saving money is important if you want to reach both short-term and long-term financial goals. For example, people are saving for retirement, a vacation, or to build up an emergency fund – or all three.

How to Go on a Financial Diet

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO boost your bank account and lower your bills, assessing where you can trim your expenses is an ideal step toward taking control of your finances. But just as cutting back on calories isn’t always easy, paring back your expenses and identifying areas where you’re overspending can present a challenge.

11 financial experts reveal their favorite money apps

There are many ways to manage your money, and money-management apps are one efficient way to do so. “One of the smartest strategies to save is by leveraging support,” Krista Neeley, managing vice president of Appreciation Financial, a retirement services company, told Business Insider in an email.

Logan Marcus Advocates for a Fairer Legal Landscape

With a family steeped in the legal profession, Logan Marcus was imbued early on with a sense of justice and fairness that she applies on a daily basis at Appreciation Financial.

Top 100 Men of Success

Terry Kennedy – Appreciation Financial

Brewing Bolder Business

Appreciation Financial is making sure teachers across America have a secure retirement. CEO Terry Kennedy is working to grow his team to 10,000 agents nationwide.