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Best Financial & Retirement Planning Advisors for Teachers In California


California Locations

Appreciation Financial has hundreds of agents serving all of California with the goal of helping educators and school employees choose the investment and income solutions that work for them. Our 11 California locations include offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chula Vista, San Francisco, Orange County, and Sacramento. If you don't live in one of those cities, speak with one of our agents online via a virtual appointment by calling (877) 492-5158.

Financial Advisor For Teachers In California

Pension Maximization

After you retire, your pension will ensure that you have a steady monthly income. At Appreciation Financial, we often advise our clients to opt for pension maximization. A pension maximization strategy involves opting for the highest possible annuity payout for one spouse’s lifetime while obtaining life insurance to provide income for the surviving spouse.

California Teacher Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can be confusing with so many retirement income options available. Our licensed agents have the knowledge and experience you need to answer your questions and provide a personalized analysis of your portfolio. With your best interests as our top priority, Appreciation Financial experts will help you plan and invest for a retirement designed for success.

Living Benefit Life Insurance

A traditional life insurance policy pays out a set amount of money to the beneficiary after the policyholder passes away. With living benefit life insurance, the policyholder has access to advanced payments should they become chronically ill and need help covering the cost of medical expenses.

Debt Solutions

Appreciation Financial has partnered with MPowering America to address the challenges Americans are facing regarding their debt. Millions of people are feeling the weight of debt on their shoulders. As of 2019 total U.S. household indebtedness is $13.67 trillion. Mpower experts have been quietly helping thousands of customers for 14+ years with millions of dollars in debt and interest offset, and thousands of happy clients. Through their proprietary methods of addressing debt it helping clients lose the debt and start accumulating their wealth.


At Appreciation Financial, we believe knowledge is power. That's why we're passionate about educating our clients and arming them with the tools they need for success. When you plan your teacher retirement through us, you will have access to the Encompass online Financial Wellness Center where educational videos and articles, planning calculators, and other tools will help you stay on top of your financial future.

California State Teachers Retirement System (CALSTRS)

If you're a teacher in California, you likely have an account through CALSTRS where you can access and manage your state retirement plan. But with the numerous retirement income options available to you, you may have questions about how to maximize your portfolio as well as whether or not you should be planning for your retirement outside of this system. Consulting agents who are experienced in advising public servants can help you make the best choices for your retirement.

Why Choose Appreciation Financial if You're a Teacher?

Appreciation Financial is a full-service retirement planning company serving the unique needs of public employees and their families. We've served teachers and public servants helping them make essential decisions that will make a difference for their financial future. Our mission is to help public employees make their income last their entire life because they deserve to have a comfortable retirement. Call us today to find out how we can help you build a strong financial future!

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