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Award winning financial planning for teachers.

Appreciation Financial is a full-service retirement planning company serving the unique needs of public employees and their families. Our mission is to help public employees make their income last their entire lifetime because they deserve to have a comfortable retirement.

Our clients are public servants and Middle America.

They are educating our future leaders, pushing through government red tape to get the best outcomes possible for their communities, and even saving lives.

It's our job to present options.

We recommend a variety of quality products to meet our client's financial planning goals. We are their confidants and friends. By planning together, a brighter future lies ahead.

Our Leadership Consists Of Industry Professionals.

With over fifty years of combined experience, we excel at assisting public employees reach retirement successfully. In addition, we choose our field agents to leverage their existing knowledge, combined with extensive training to ensure they are properly equipped to accommodate your family's needs. In this way, we provide the best service to the best customers.