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Best Financial & Retirement Planning Advisors for Teachers In Nevada


Nevada Locations

Along with our business headquarters located in Henderson, NV, Appreciation Financial also has agents serving public school employees in the Greater Las Vegas area (and any area in Nevada via virtual appointments). Public servants work hard for their communities. Our goal is to help simplify the retirement planning process so they can have an easy and comfortable retirement.

Services We Offer to Nevada Teachers

Pension Analysis

Your pension is a fund that is paid into during your working years and can be accessed to provide monthly income after you've retired. A pension can be complicated and hard to understand. Pension analysis with Appreciation Financial will help you answer these questions:

  • When should you start your pension?
  • Should you take your pension as an annuity or a lump sum?
  • In a buyout situation, should you take it or wait for a better deal?
  • What type of survivor option should you choose?

Nevada Teacher Retirement Planning

As a public school employee, you have a unique set of retirement income options available to you, and it can be difficult knowing how to optimize and diversify your portfolio. At Appreciation Financial, our licensed agents have unique knowledge and experience helping teachers and public servants create a retirement plan specifically tailored to their needs. Our experts will provide you with a personalized analysis of your portfolio and advise you on the best ways to invest for a successful retirement.

403(b) Retirement Plans

You've probably heard of a 403(b), but you might not be sure how to choose the right plan for you. Our experts can help you find a plan that fits your needs. Like a 401(k), as you fund your 403(b) you're essentially setting aside income that will be available to you upon retirement. Some public schools will match 403(b) contributions.

Living Benefit Life Insurance

Preparing for a successful retirement includes planning for possible long-term care needs and medical bills as you age. At Appreciation Financial, we'll take a look at your portfolio and see if investing in living benefit life insurance would help you prepare for these needs down the road. This type of life insurance allows the policyholder to access advanced payments should they need immediate help covering the cost of medical expenses.

Debt Solutions

If you're one of the millions of Americans facing the increasing weight of debt on their shoulders Appreciation Financial is here to help you get free. We have partnered with MPowering America to address the financial challenges so many households are facing. In the 14 years they've been in business, Mpower experts have helped thousands of customers cancel millions of dollars in debt and interest. Lose your debt today and start accumulating wealth.


At Appreciation Financial, we believe knowledge is power. That's why we've partner with Encompass to offer our clients access to their online Financial Wellness Center. Take control of your financial future with educational videos and articles, planning calculators, and other retirement management tools.

Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System (NVPERS)

Public school employees in Nevada have access to Nevada's Public Employees’ Retirement System. Through your NVPERS account, you can manage your pension and retirement program. Our agents in Nevada know how to help you maximize your assets both in the NVPERS system as well as diversifying your portfolio outside of the system.

Why Choose Appreciation Financial if You're a Teacher?

Appreciation Financial is a full-service retirement planning company serving the unique needs of public employees and their families. We've served teachers and public servants helping them make essential decisions that will make a difference for their financial future. Our mission is to help public employees make their income last their entire life because they deserve to have a comfortable retirement. Call us today to find out how we can help you build a strong financial future!

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